How Can Non-Profit A&R Survive?

We have recently received several thoughtful inquiry letters that we'd like to share with our readers and contributors. Some devoted readers wrote to us, genuinely puzzled about how our non-profit, open-access journal, Agricultural & Rural Studies, continues to operate and flourish. "How do A&R sustain and develop if you are non-profit? " They asked.

We believe that this question merits a public response, not just for the individual who raised it, but for our wider readership who may share the same curiosity.

At the heart of Agricultural & Rural Studies is a community of passionate individuals. Besides our fulltime professional editorial team, our voluntary and unpaid reviewers, editors, and editorial board members are bound together by a common mission: advancing and enriching the field of agricultural and rural studies while championing the free and universal dissemination of high-quality research.

Dr. Manolis Pagkalos is a typical representative of the A&R volunteer community. He is a cherished voluntary member of our editorial team. Since our inception, Manolis has poured his heart and soul into volunteering his invaluable expertise, serving to enrich and optimize the content of our platform. His altruistic commitment embodies the spirit of A&R and the reason behind our sustained growth.

A&R is not a business, but a community. A&R does not seek profits, but progress. A&R firmly believes that scientific research and its fruits should transcend monetary barriers, accessible and shareable by all.

We thank you, our readers and contributors, for your continued support and understanding. Together, we are creating a space where ideas spark, knowledge is freely accessible.

Agricultural & Rural Studies Editorial Board